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TwitchCon 2016, this year's event for the streamers and gamers of streaming giant Twitch, started the day on a high note with its keynote presentation from CEO Emmett Shear and the Director of Programming, Marcus Graham, who discuss the companies plans for the upcoming year - while they don't come out and directly say it, it seems that they're positioning Twitch as a direct rival to YouTube, which has been the center of controversy lately over a number of decisions.

The first bit of the keynote details Twitch Prime, the companies new membership opportunity for members who have Amazon Prime accounts. You can read more about this in our stand-alone article from earlier today.

Twitch is also making it easier for streamers, as well as regular users, to upload and manage their content. Any regular user can post videos to their account for people to watch, and streamers can download old streams and use them to create on-demand videos for their subscribers to watch - and for viewers on mobile devices, they can now create and share clips from live streams and videos using the Twitch app. Clips have also become easier to edit, with viewers being able to adjust the start and end time of their clips.

Aside from Twitch Prime, one of the other biggest changes is that video quality options will be upgraded for streamers, allowing them to give viewers the best streaming experience possible regardless of their internet speeds. HTML5 will also be made available to all users.

Finally, "loyalty subscription badges" will let channel subscribers show off how long their subscriptions to a particular channel are; these special chat badges are fully customizable by Partners for subscribers at the one, three, six, twelve, and twenty-four-month levels.

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