Twitch Expanding Subscription Options

Published: April 18, 2017 9:40 AM /



Popular streaming website Twitch allegedly has announced an expansion of their paid Twitch subscriber services in an email sent out to a select few partnered streamers.  These new tiers will allow users to offer some additional financial support to streamers they like, as well as making things unlock cleaner for partnered streamers.

This news comes from a post on neoGAF discussing the rumored change in the Twitch subscription service. The post includes an email that allegedly has been sent out to some partnered streamers.

Later this month, your community will have the choice of subscribing to your channel with two new options: $9.99 and $24.99. These new subscriptions are part of our constant push to improve your experience and help make it easier to earn a steady income on Twitch.
This new system will enter its beta phase soon and is available as an opt-in option for the time being. Participating in the program will let you gain emotes faster, unlock permanent emote slots and gives your subscribers some additional value.
We're offering extensive first-party support to help make new subscriptions better for your community. Any viewer purchasing any first-time sub will now be able to send a custom message. You'll also be able to offer coveted exclusive emotes for higher-priced subscriptions, which let fans show off their commitment to your channel. Finally, you'll have access to more data to power the tools and overlays you use to reward your subscribers.
Whether you think the entertainment you derive from specific streamers is worth the $25 dollar price of admission is wholly up to you. The higher subscription tiers don't have many meaningful benefits towards players other than allowing you to support your favorites with a little more money that we know of at this time.

Quick Take

There's very little reason to jump to a higher tier in its current form unless you're willing to spend more money on a channel you like. While I won't be making use of this new system, it's great that Twitch allows viewers the choice for themselves. 

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