Twitch Chat Triumphs Over Dark Souls

Published: September 29, 2015 2:03 AM /


Dark Souls

Twitch has shown us once again that enough time and brute force, and a little bit of democracy, chat feeds can win any game. The latest accomplishment of the chat feed is Dark Souls. That's right, they finally did it. 

If there was one franchise you would say is for the inner masochist, it would be the Souls series from FromSoftware. It took the Twitch chat a while before they got the hang of Dark Souls but after a democracy system got added it picked up. Like with TwitchPlaysPokemon, the democracy system changed the way that the game would accept inputs. The game accept inputs as they come in but democracy sets a time limit where people will vote on a command and the most popular one will be executed. This process almost turns the action RPG of Dark Souls into a turn based strategy game, where only the player has to wait their turn.

The total run of Twitch chat playing Dark Souls lasted for a total of 43 days. This compared to the original run of TwitchPlaysPokemon, which took 16 days, shows how much more complicated Dark Souls was. What is even more impressive is that the 904 deaths suffered didn't discourage the player base.

If you want to get a bit of an idea of what a fight looked like during TwitchPlaysDarkSouls and you are afraid you've missed all of the fun then don't dismay, YouTube user g1370 has uploaded the Asylum Demon fight with all of the 5 second pauses edited out.

Don't think that this is the end of TwitchPlays for this franchise as they are moving onto Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin right away. If you want to watch, then you can head over to to join in on the fun!

What do you think of the popularity of TwitchPlays? Do you think it's around to stay? What game do you think would be fun for a TwitchPlays?


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