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Twin-Stick Adventure Trifox Coming Soon

June 11, 2020

By: Trevor Whalen

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PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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In The Escapist Indie Showcase today, a trailer showed off gameplay from Trifox. This twin-stick, isometric adventure is inspired by classic platformers. The homages to that genre are apparent in the anthropomorphic player-character and bright, colorful landscape. However, the gameplay seems much more like an action title.

Whether classic platformer or action-adventure, in Trifox you play as the titular fox who has a trio of potential abilities. He must fight off hordes of enemies in his invaded homeland, you see, and in addition to fending off the hordes also face off against bosses and solve environmental challenges. 

But there's more to our foxy hero than meets the eye. You can be one of three classes. The classes directly relate to your play-style. Want to build and defend? Be an engineer. As such, you can create defensive and offensive structures, like turrets or barricades, similar to what you would do in a tower defense title.

Prefer to dive directly into the combat situation? There are two options for that. Choose to be a mage, who specializes in crowd control, for ranged attacks. If you want to get in enemies' faces with a big hammer, then be the warrior. Additionally, if you're the jack-of-all-trades type you can choose to combine the classes. So if you want to build defenses, practice crowd control, and slam enemies with a big hammer, you can do some combination of all that, too.


For a look at the action check out the trailer below:

Trifox is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year.

Interested in playing a twin-stick game inspired by classic platformers? Plan to mix-and-match with each class to experiment? Let us know in the comments below!

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