Turn Based Strategy Post Human W.A.R Enters Steam Early Access

Published: May 4, 2017 2:00 PM /



Turn-based strategy games can get a little dry for some people's tastes. Studio Chahut and PLAYDIUS Entertainment are attempting to remedy that with Post Human W.A.R by adding a self-proclaimed absurd sense of humor to the tactical gameplay. Their isometric, turn-based, strategy game entered early access on Steam on May 3rd, so you can now see for yourself if it delivers on the strategy as well as the insanity that a war between mutants, household robots, and intelligent monkeys is sure to bring.

In Post Human W.A.R it's the dawn of the 3rd millennium and humanity has been driven to extinction and predictably ruined the Earth in the process. All that is left in our wake are mutated animals, household robots that have been modified for war, and intelligent monkeys in tracksuits and kimonos. Players will pick one of these three factions and battle through unique solo campaigns for each or take the fight online in PvP. Unlike many other games of the genre, Post Human W.A.R does not use a chance based system to calculate the success of attacks or their damage. Instead the game relies on unit types, use of terrain, and strategic bluffs, to create the tactical gameplay.


The notes from the developer tell us that the early access period for Post Human W.A.R is set to last two months and is intended primarily to balance the factions and maps in a live environment, focusing on implementing changes based on community feedback as well as the inevitable bug fixing. The initial early access release will not include all the solo campaign missions or maps, the Studio Chahut team plans to add content in regular updates. The final release will also include more customization options for your armies and army presets, as well as more maps and missions. The game is currently available with a 20% discount on the $14.99 rrp on Steam, the developer states that the (non-discounted) price will not change for the final release.

Are you eager for some lighthearted absurdity to go along with your cerebral strategy? Let us know if you'll be trying out the game in early access, or anything else you'd like to share in the comments below! 

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