Turn-Based SteamCity Chronicles: Rise of the Rose Releases This Q4

Published: October 8, 2019 9:25 PM /


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Today, independent game developer Feelthere has announced that Q4 will be the official release date for SteamCity Chronicles: Rise of the Rose. The title is a turn-based strategy game set in a steampunk world that is heavily influenced by Japan and its culture.

SteamCity's story is of a rebellion started by Sophie von Eschenbach, the so-called 'Rose of Freedom' who is pitted against a faceless organization known as the Yamagami corporation. The foreign company arrived in Eschenbach's home city of Kolonenburg decades ago, turning a formerly peaceful society into a dystopian future straight of Blade Runner. Now, common knowledge states that thoughts are a myth, and every portion of one's life in the city is intensely scrutinized. Now, after 80 years, a rebellion has arisen that the player can take part in.

In SteamCity, players will work within the confines of the city, with no time limit when taking turns, so plan carefully. Players will be able to position their forces to outflank the enemy, or use chokepoints in order to ambush their foes. Each level will have differing objectives, with levels rarely requiring a player to just kill their foes or destroy certain buildings. 

Units have a limited number of action-turns, and some playable characters are capable of doing more. Special units have abilities that others lack, like a character using special attacks or inspiring nearby units to fight harder against their enemies. 

There are a bunch of playable characters for the player to try, such as Rose Militia members, steam robots, renegade enemy soldiers and the games' primary characters. Once a character is chosen, they move, run, or scan their environment. Players can also place sentries or open fire upon their opponents. 

For those interested in SteamCity, be sure to check out the Steam page.

Quick Take:

I was about to make fun of that last bit of "opening fire upon their opponents" until I realized how cool it would actually be to play as a negotiator or someone in a position of power utilizing their non-violent skills within a hostile area. Someone make a medieval negotiating game please.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you interested in a Japanese-inspired turn-based strategy title? Let us know in the comments!

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