TSM begins their Rebuild

Published: October 14, 2015 7:15 PM /


TSM 2015 Lineup

If you follow the League of Legends pro scene then you are probably familiar with Team Solomid or TSM for short. After the end of last week's group stage TSM Toplaner announced his expected retirement in a very emotional post game interview but it was just announced today that the TSM roster has continued to shrink down to two.


Following a tweet from Dyrus it was announced that Jungler Santorin and Support Lustboy would also be stepping down from the team leaving only the Midlaner Bjergsen and their ADC WildTurtle. TSM struggled somewhat in the regular season and performed far worse at worlds finishing with a group stage record of just 1-5. It was obvious that something with the team wasn't clicking and things needed to be done. Everyone knew Dyrus was set to retire since he had stated several times online that this would be his last year but no one pictured even bigger roster changes were on the way.

TSM joins the long list of North American league teams looking to get a new player or rebuild entirely. Teams such as Team Liquid, LA Renegades, Immortals (formerly known as Team 8) are all looking for new players. Some of the bigger teams as well could potentially be in the market for new players. Doublelift stated in an interview after their elimination that some players have expressed their desires to retire and Cloud 9 support LemonNation has also said that he will most likely retire from the team as well. It should be noted that Cloud 9 will also have to replace their jungler position should Hai step back down after he came out of retirement to fill the spot of Meteos.

TSM shouldn't have a problem finding suitable players to fill their roster but one has to wonder what impact this will have on their performance next year with essentially a brand new team and that's assuming that WildTurtle and Bjergsen stay with TSM, all of this will be answered when the 2016 North American LCS Spring Split begins next year.

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