Trove Supports Extra Life with Mega Menagerie Pack

Published: June 28, 2017 5:02 PM /



Trion Worlds is raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by offering a special in-game item pack for their blocky MMO Trove for Extra Life 2017. The Trove community has supported the charity in the past and this year they are offering a huge bundle called the Mega Menagerie Pack full of goodies including costumes, mounts, allies and more.  The charity bundle is available to purchase now.

Extra life

Last year Trion was able to donate $40,000 USD to Extra Life. This year they are aiming to contribute even more with a goal of $125,000 USD. The charity has raised over 30 million dollars so far thanks to the gaming community. Much of the proceeds from the Mega Menagerie Pack will be going towards Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  The funds will be used to help sick and injured children in the United States and Canada. The bundle will be available to purchase until July 31st.

To help Trion reach their goal and support Extra Life Trove players can purchase the Mega Menagerie Pack. It includes 2 dragon eggs, 4 costumes, 6 mounts, 14 allies and 18 different styles. Here’s a rundown of what the pack contains:

  • 2 dragon eggs – Tambleddyn of the Western Peaks and Fulguras, the Lightning Blade.
  • 4 costumes – Platinum Paladin, Stone Shaper, The Blocktor, and Skysunder Sniper.
  • 6 mounts – Powered Wheelchair, Light Gunship, Bouncing Beehive, Verlis Wolf, 4-T Assembled Souser, and Dessert Dromintoceros.
  • 14 allies – Silverfang Pup, Husky Pup, Snowsquall Strigid, Viridescent Hummingbird, Tuxedo Cat, Moon Dreamer, Bloxx the Playful, Fluttermouse Familiar, Planing Possum, Zephyrian Zardille, Wee Wheekie, Cherry Chibi Chompbox, Starsheen Seahorse, and Scapes Goat.
  • 18 styles for helmets, hats, faces, and weapons.
Trove Mega Menagerie Pack
The Mega Menagerie Pack

Trove players can also help out by signing up to be a part of Team Trion for 2017 here. Playing the companies games and getting the word out about Extra Life’s annual fundraising event will also help out the cause. You can download the game or learn more about Trove for PC, XBox One and PS4 at its website.


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