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Idea Factory's PS Vita strategy RPG Trillion 1,000,000,000: God of Destruction has gotten a launch date for North America and Europe, which will launch on March 29th and April 1st, respectively, according to Idea Factory International's site. Trillion: God of Destruction sets you in the shoes of Zeabos, a Great Demon Overlord in the underworld, descended from Satan himself, who just got facerolled by a demonic god known as Trillion bent on destroying everything in the underworld, only to be resurrected by a necromancer named Faust, pieced back together with what she could make do with.

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Now, to defeat Trillion, you'll need to train a demon Overlord Candidate to fight in your place and lead your army against Trillion, and eat through the boss's trillion HP using whatever measure available to your overlord's disposal. Failure means Trillion eats up more of the underworld as he continues his rampage of destruction. No pressure, right?

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Your female Overlord Candidates train while Trillion sleeps, gaining stats with each session. Planning beforehand will greatly help you in your battles with Trillion. As time passes, you'll get to send your Candidate into a mock battle with a training dummy version of Trillion before he wakes up and the real thing starts. Upgrades to your Candidate's equipment will also serve to work in her favor. In between training sessions, you may interact with your Candidate, raising their affection points and potentially unlocking more Candidates for you to choose from later. Perhaps even a love story will blossom out of these interaction sessions, but perhaps it might not serve to get too attached.

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Once the real thing happens, your Candidate must face Trillion in person, and either win, or die in the process should she be unable to retreat from the battle. If your Candidate dies, she will unleash one final, devastating attack before passing a fraction of her EXP and unused equipment to the next Candidate you choose to go after Trillion, provided there's still some underworld left unscathed from Trillion's rampage.

Trillion features multiple endings, several demon overlord candidates to train, and more potential demon overlord candidates to train later depending on the choices the player makes. A New Game+ mode will allow you to transfer stats over to a new session to assist in getting more endings.

Trillion: God of Destruction will also be Playstation TV compatible.

Are you looking forward to eating through Trillion's 1,000,000,000 HP? Do you have a preferred deadly sin to be your favorite candidate? Let us know below!

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