Traveller's Tales Games is Hiring for an Online-Focused Lego Game

Published: November 12, 2020 10:20 AM /



According to MauroNL on Twitter, Traveller's Tales Games (or TT Games), is hiring for a new project that's based on a major IP to be built in Unreal Engine. Interestingly, the game is seemingly focused on online play, where players will utilize "fun, networked player mechanics." This a departure for Traveller's Tales Games, as while they've had online before, they've traditionally been more focused on local multiplayer, typically co-op, where players play through the game in split-screen. This seems to be something different.

The current game that TT Games is currently working on is LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which is due to come out in Spring 2021. Perhaps this game is something that's set in the Star Wars universe? It wouldn't be too surprising if the game was set in that universe or in the DC Universe, given that their parent company Warner Bros. owns both TT Games and DC Comics. 

The two jobs that are available include a Game Programmer in the UK. It is a full-time position that was first posted yesterday on November 11. Upon being hired, the prospective Game Programmer will be assigned "to a senior programmer on a team who will act as a mentor, guiding you through our code base and getting you up to speed as quickly as possible." Sounds fairly urgent, especially when one considers how the programmer is to work on networked game mechanics, writing GUI systems, and implementing achievements, trophies, and a "rich presence" in the game.

The second job posting is a Junior Game Programmer in the UK, and it is also full-time and posted on November 11. It's the same posting as the Game Programmer position essentially, except the person being hired will presumably be called "Junior" around the office.

What's also interesting to consider is that TT Games made Lego Worlds, which is an online-focused game with procedurally-generated worlds. So it's not as if they haven't made a game similar to what they're working on now before. Maybe even a Lego Worlds-related sequel with some major IP attached to it? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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