Traitors in Salem Release Date Brings Treachery in April

Published: March 11, 2022 12:42 PM /


Traitors in Salem

The Traitors in Salem release date has just been revealed, and it's releasing on Steam's Early Access program on April 22nd, 2022, which is over six years since Town of Salem was first released on Steam. It's not the full launch, but there should be more than enough content to make the right (or wrong) decision and hang people by their necks until they are dead.

What is Traitors of Salem?

Now that we have a Traitors in Salem release date, there's bound to be some questions regarding the Town of Salem sequel. If you liked the wacky world in Town of Salem and want more of it, Traitors in Salem should have you covered with a 3d world, improved graphics, and cinematics. There are 31 unique roles with abilities, spells, and a day and night cycle, which should sound familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in these types of games.

As for the story leading into this game, it's been nearly ten years since the original game when the innocents of Salem banded together and banished the Necronomicon, but it can't be sealed forever. Basically, the hanging business is booming, if you get my drift. 

There are Town Members and Traitors. Town Members want to find all of the Traitors before they kill them, and vice versa. It's a genre that has been around for quite a while and hit the mainstream in a big way in Among Us, so if you've played that then you are essentially ready to play this new social deducing title.

Traitors in Salem can now be wishlisted, so be sure to do that if the Traitors in Salem release date can't come soon enough. For more information on Traitors of Salem, social deduction, and good lord that man is the killer please stop him before he kills us all, stay tuned to TechRaptor to see who survives.