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It's one of the most defining images of fantasy in many ways - the academy or school where the heroes go to learn their powers and more. Most popularly in recent years realized in Harry Potter, the concept of a school of adventure is an old one, and yet it remains one that for all of that has been very difficult for video games to capture due to that cultural imprint, the variety of different things it needs to do and the fact that such a place needs to have a large and varied cast. The next game to toss its hat into the rink at attempting it is coming from developer Agate with PQube providing publishing support and is called Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story.

Set in the country of Valthiria, you take on the role of a principal tasked Queen Hilda to rebuild the Valthirian Academy that had fallen to train warriors, heroes and more. Pledged to neutrality, it would seem like a task that would take your life but then Queen Hilda disappears and her heir, Princess Isabella disappears. The five queendoms that make up parts of Valthiria quickly fall to war as the old rivalries come out, and a mysterious invading force from the north threatens. It is a time when the nation needs heroes who may resolve the crisis' that threaten everything and it falls to you to train and lead them.

Gameplay in Valthirian Arc is largely split into two main segments - the first being the academy simulation part. This is where you build your academy to have the various facilities in it, manage your students with what courses they are in along with their equipment and training. From here you also connect to the second part of the gameplay by sending students on different missions. These missions typically have combat in them for you to fight through to accomplish their heroic deeds.

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Combat in Valthirian Arc has been reworked since the early demo to add more depth in the areas you are out roaming with your group of students

Originally Kickstarted back in 2017 as Valthirian Arc: Red Covenent the name change comes as they've signed with PQube to publish the game. The publishing will include several localizations no one had previously expected and will get console versions for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch that had previously not been announced. They also will be skipping the hinted at early access phase going instead to a straight full launch. That will be coming in Q4 2018, meaning you'll be able to train your students by the end of this year.

If you're not sure if Valthirian Arc interests you, maybe this trailer will whet your appetite:

Are you interested in Valthirian Arc? Why do you think we see so few games attempt the type of hybridization of simulation and RPG? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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