Trails of Cold Steel IV Release Date Given

Published: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 11:30 | By: Robert Grosso
The end of the storyline is finally here.

It is the end of an era, with an official release date for Trails of Cold Steel IV finally confirmed in North America. 

It is all out war in Trails of Cold Steel IV, with the continent of Zemuria being dragged into conflict as the Erebonian Empire mobilizes the full force of its military. Standing in their way is Class VII, a group of rag-tag heroes who hope to push back the evil of the Empire once and for all. Class VII is not alone though, as heroes old and new, including former Class VII members, are willing to join their cause in an epic finale. 


The short trailer is mostly a gameplay trailer, showing several members of Class VII battling it out against a familiar face in Rean Schwarzer, the protagonist from the previous games and primary protagonist in Trails 4

Featuring a large, returning cast of characters from the previous entries in the series, Trails 4 will follow the formula of Trails 3, with turn-based battles, the order, and the orbment system. The battle commands are also mapped to specific buttons, rather than various menus, giving players quicker feedback and speeding up the gameplay instead of menu navigation. 

Mini-games are also making a return to Trails of the Cold Steel IV, including fan favorites like the fishing minigame and Vantage Master, plus a slew of new ones including games of poker, blackjack and the horror coaster. 

Touted as the long-awaited finale of the Legend of Heroes saga, Trails of Cold Steel IV is coming to the PS4 on October 27th, and coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PC in 2021.

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