Trails Localizations Making Use of Fan Translations

Trails to Azure and Trails from Zero are getting English localizations built off of a fan translation thanks to a partnership between NISA and Geofront.

Published: June 25, 2021 9:07 AM /


Promotional art for Trails to Azure.

NIS America has announced that they will be bringing four of the Trails games to the West, as was leaked first on the Epic Games Store yesterday. In addition, the two titles in the Crossbell duology, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure, are being localized in a collaboration with the people at Geofront.

Originally released in 2010 (From Zero) and 2012 (To Azure) the Crossbell duology represents the second arc in the Trails series, taking place three months after the last of the Trails In the Skies games. The games mainly take place in the titular city, a massive location which takes up most of the locations the player's party visits. Lloyd Bannings and three other rookie cops are assigned to the Special Support Section, an odd-jobs section of the police department, deal with the cities competing crime syndicates, and uncover a cult's plot to overthrow the church. Translation patches for the games were created in March 2020, but they're no longer available because soon, they won't be necessary.

Encouraging words from Lloyd from one of the Crossbell Trails games.

NIS America announced the collaborative localization effort with Geofront in a press release, along with a post by "Supremezerker," the lead on the From Zero translation, on Geofront. Both of the releases have a variety of people from Geofront expressing how much they've enjoyed working on the translations and how happy they are that this fan effort is getting official recognition. Geofront co-founder "OMGFloofy" was also "over the moon" that NIS America not only kept the team's translated titles but also what the team had done for Azure's logo. "I’m so excited that all of this will be able to go out far beyond just the people we’ve reached through our patch," they add.

The translation effort was a long one, starting back in 2016 with the help of folks like the original lead translator "Guren," but everyone seems extremely happy with the end result. "I never imagined that we’d make it to this point—to the point where our work is being used to bring Crossbell over officially," Supremezerker said. "Thank you, NIS America, for partnering with us. And thank you, Geofront, for being the best, most talented group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my friends."

Trails from Zero and To Azure will both available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. From Zero will release in Fall 2022, while To Azure releases sometime in 2023.

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