The Tower -To The Bottom- Is A Deckbuilder With A Very Weird Name

Published: November 10, 2022 9:51 AM /


The Tower -To the Bottom-

The bizarrely named The Tower -To the Bottom- is a deckbuilder releasing on January 17th on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $19.99. While it might not be as out there as TalespinnerThe Tower -To the Bottom- is pretty out there. To start, you'll choose 2 of 20 children and work on perfecting your deck as you battle the weird inhabitants of The Tower in real time. This means you'll have to ensure your guards are on time, you combo your attacks, and you collect legendary relics as you search for food. The whole point of each run is that you're trying to guide the children to the bottom of The Tower, which is fair considering how bad of a time it undoubtedly is for them at the top of it.

Each of the children will have their own starting cards and traits for you to manage. As you travel down, you'll have different paths to choose from as you search for the rumored paradise that exists at the bottom. With every foe you defeat, you'll be able to choose a reward from one of the game's 70 cards along with something like bread, which can feed inhabitants back up top or heal your adventuring duo.

The Tower -to the bottom- screenshot showing off children facing a bad guy
This deckbuilder is definitely one of the most unique titles that you'll come across.

With each run, you'll increase your affinity with the kids and earn experience, which will unlock new starting cards and traits for you to tinker with. The kids at the top will initially be starving, but as you discover new upgrades, they'll become a self-sufficient commune that wants to know what's going on with The Tower. 

Interesting abilities to mess around with include one that will allow you to deal a new hand at any time, or counter and negate enemy effects with your attacks and defensive moves in real time. Cards can flip and alter their own functions, which can ruin your plans or provide a new strategy to exploit. There's seemingly a lot of depth in this deckbuilder, and if this strangeness sounds intriguing you can try out the demo that's currently available on Steam.

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