Tower of Fantasy Update 2.4 "Under The Grand Sea" Gets New Video & Details

Published: March 24, 2023 4:40 PM /


Tower of Fantasy: Under the Grand Sea

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio released new videos and details about the upcoming update coming to their anime-style MMORPG Tower of Fantasy

The first video showcases some interesting information about the new setting, the Grand Sea. 


We also learn that the location is split into three layers, Grand Sea Island, Innars City, and the Dragon Breath Volcano. The update promises "underwater combat, bosses, enemies, and tons of special exploration content."

On top of the already revealed simulacrum Lan, there will be "several more" that we'll meet in the update, coming to the game's gacha down the line.

We also hear about bosses and events:


"The new Abyssant: Haboela, a Behemoth Abyssant, weaponizes its colossal body size and lava as one of the new world bosses living in the crater of the map. Events like the new Underwater Request Mission, where Wanderers are guided to explore the underwater world, obtain rich rewards, or team up to challenge the New Crusade Ring of Oblivion."

The update will come on March 30 alongside Lan. The developers already released the theme song as well. 

We also get a second video with a Q&A with the Tower of Fantasy team. 

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play online RPG with optional microtransactions, currently available for PC, iOS, and Android, including a recently-released Steam version. Its developers have been rather consistent in updating it with new content since its release, and just recently we saw the addition of the new simulacrums AnnabellaAlyssAlyssUmi, and Fenrir to the growing roster.


If you're interested in knowing more about the game, it's a sci-fi MMORPG set on the far-away planet Aida, devastated by a cataclysm that destroyed most of the colony established by mankind centuries before. The players have to survive in this hostile environment among the ruins of civilization against increasingly aggressive and mutated monsters, while exploring a mysterious story full of intrigue and adventure. 

Recently, we also heard that Tower of Fantasy is getting mobile ray tracing support.


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