Tower Of Fantasy Cheaters Threatened With 10-Year Bans

Published: September 7, 2022 10:21 AM /


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Hotta Studio has revealed that Tower of Fantasy cheaters are being dealt some heavy punishments. Players identified as hackers are being hit with 10-year account suspensions, and Hotta says it banned around a thousand players in August alone for this behavior.

What's the problem with Tower of Fantasy cheaters?

Tower of Fantasy has only been out since August, but it's already home to its fair share of hackers and cheaters, it seems. According to developer Hotta Studio, players have been hacking the game to "obtain in-game resources illegally", negatively impacting balance and making it harder for honest players to make their way through the game.

Hotta says hackers have also been using "the same method" to mess with the Bygone Phantasm mode, which is an endless dungeon exploration mode in which you can obtain unique upgrade materials for your gear. According to Hotta, these hacks are "severely interfering with the user experience for all".

Two characters riding on motorcycles in a cyberpunk city in Tower of Fantasy
Perhaps there should be another giant neon sign here reading "DON'T CHEAT".

So, what is Hotta Studio doing about it? Well, the dev says it's banned many players for this specific violation already, but that its anti-cheat software isn't quite sophisticated enough to cover its "blind spots". As such, Hotta wants players to use in-game reports or customer service contact forms to point out where Tower of Fantasy cheating is going on.

There's no word on when we can expect any kind of more sophisticated anti-cheat solution from Tower of Fantasy, but given how unpopular and potentially untrustworthy the Genshin Impact anti-cheat solution seems to be, the introduction of such a protocol would likely be controversial. For now, it looks like all you can do if you're a rule-abiding player is report those who aren't.

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a "shared open-world RPG" from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite. Structurally, it's not dissimilar to Genshin Impact; you must gather together a party of characters, each of whom has a different weapon, in order to battle enemies and explore the world. It's a gacha game, too, so you'll acquire characters by essentially rolling the dice for them.

Although Tower of Fantasy is pretty new on the scene, its developers have already unveiled some of the game's future plans. A brand new expansion is coming later this year that will add the desert land of Vera, which contains the affluent floating city of Mirroria. New characters are also routinely being added to the game, so if you like it, there's much more to come.

Two characters battling a giant robot on the beach in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy marries anime visuals with action-RPG combat and gacha mechanics, just like a certain other open-world RPG.

If you're interested in Tower of Fantasy, you can check it out right now on PC and mobile devices, where it's free to play. Right now, there aren't any plans to bring the game to consoles, although that might change in the future if it's successful enough. Stay tuned for more on Tower of Fantasy, and make sure to take a look at our guides to help you get started in its massive anime world.

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