New Touhou: New World Trailers Introduce Crazy Characters Aplenty

Published: May 1, 2023 10:19 AM /


Key art for Touhou: New World depicting its main characters

Marvelous Entertainment has released four new Touhou: New World character trailers showing some of the characters you'll be meeting. Some of them will be your friends, while you'll have to do battle with others in the series' signature bullet hell RPG style.

In the first trailer, we see Marisa, one of the two protagonists, talking to a young man with silver hair and glasses, and we then see her talking to an innocent-looking girl with blonde hair. Marisa then does battle with the girl, who looks pretty deadly thanks to her teleport strike and spinning projectiles. These trailers are all in Japanese, but they should still give you a flavor of Touhou: New World's characters and combat.


Next up, we're focusing on Marisa once again. She takes on two tough-looking bosses that should give you pause for thought even if you're a bullet hell aficionado; they've got fast-moving, far-reaching projectiles that look like they'll be pretty difficult to dodge.

Our third new trailer shifts the focus to Reimu, Touhou: New World's other protagonist. She's doing battle with a character who has a rather distinctive-looking sword, as well as a maiden surrounded by spirit fire. As you can imagine, these weapons turn out to be pretty potent in the bullet hell combat that follows.

Finally, we have one last trailer that revolves once again around Reimu. This trailer shows us a character with bunny ears (what else?), who has a quick dialogue exchange with Reimu before attacking. There's also a narrative exchange later in the trailer wherein Reimu exchanges words with a girl holding a sword and wearing a ribbon before - you guessed it - a fight ensues.


These trailers should get you hyped for Touhou: New World if you weren't already. It looks to be offering a lot of what you already love if you're a Touhou fan; anime-style storytelling, lots of characters to meet (and potentially recruit), and bullet hell RPG combat to wrap your head around.

Touhou: New World is scheduled to arrive on PC and Switch this summer. A PlayStation version of the game is also in the works, but that'll come at a later date. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on all things Touhou.

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