Touhou Gensou Rondo: Bullet Ballet Coming September

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Touhou Gensou Rondo Bullet Ballet

Originally announced to be a digital only title, the indie title Touhou Gensou Rondo: Bullet Ballet will see a physical and digital release on the PlayStation 4 this September 6th in North America and September 9th in Europe. Coming with this is a special edition package to be released via publisher NISA's website, which the publisher claims to be the first physical release of a Touhou game on any home console. Based on the decades spanning Touhou series of shoot-em-ups, Bullet Ballet weaves together traditional bullet hell mechanics with the competitive 1-on-1 nature of a fighting game to create an experience quite different than fans have come to know from the Touhou Franchise. You can catch some of the game's unique gameplay in the video below.

Bullet Ballet originally hit the PlayStation 4 last year in Japan as part of Sony of Japan's "Play, Doujin" drive to release more doujin games, a term similar to indie games in the west, on the console. It is based on the long-running Touhou franchise, a series of shooting games that first appeared on the scene in 1995 and continues to see new releases on the PC to this day. While the series was originally Japanese-only for many years, last May saw the release of the 13th Touhou game, Double Dealing Character, on Playism's website, a move that made fans somewhat angry, as despite the English release the game itself was completely untranslated. Thankfully, Touhou is known for its expansive and talented fanbase, and a patch for the game existed even before its wide release.

Bullet Ballet will be released in both digital and physical formats on September 6th in North America and September 9th in Europe, while preorders for the special edition are available now on NISA's website for $49.99. The special edition of the game will feature a number of items, including an artbook, pins, art prints and more. These editions tend to sell out fast so if you really want one you should consider pre-ordering now.

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