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Total War: Warhammer Receives Modding Support

Gaming article by Patrick Perrault on Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 16:12
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May 24, 2016
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Despite Creative Assembly previously stating that there would be no modding or Steam Workshop for Total War: Warhammer, it looks as though as they have changed their minds, with a recent press release noting that "CA and Games Workshop have been working away... to make this much-demanded fan feature a reality."

Creative Assembly further confirmed that "both the Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support will be added to Total War: Warhammer for launch." Creative Assembly also notes that the titles' development team would be 'assisting' some modders so that they can release their mods on the "day and date" of the game's launch.


The press release also details that players will be able to access three separate options, with the first being Steam Workshop, where users can "upload, browse, and install mods straight from Steam, and manage them from the new Total War Mod Manager."Modsselected

The second included option is the Assembly Kit, which releases with a 'Database Editor and BOB', which at launch will be able to modify and export database tables. Additional functionality, such as battle map editing, is to be released "later this year."



The third and last included option are the mods themselves, with attendees who went to the last three CA Mod Summits will be 'supplied' with early access to Total War: Warhammer in order to ensure that the Steam Workshop is "populated on day one." This includes mods such as the Legendary Lord Start Position Mod, which will customize the start positions of the Legendary Lords so that they can "start in different locations from Race Leaders." The second announced mod that will be available at launch is the Regional Occupation Mod, which allows users to alter settlement rules so that each race can settle in every region.


Total War: Warhammer will be available May 24th.

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