Total War: Warhammer Crushes Records, Skulls

Published: May 31, 2016 3:09 PM /



Total War: Warhammer only began it's crusade less than a week ago and has already conquered all other Total War games, at least when it comes to sales numbers. Japan, Rome, Medieval Europe, all have fallen before the Empire. Again, in terms of sales numbers, but you can still start to venerate Sigmar now if you were wanting.

During only the first days of its release, half a million copies have been sold according to Sega. This beats out all other games in the longstanding series, known for its immersive battles and huge armies. The Total War series pits different factions against each other, focusing on domestic resource management and military buildup which culminates in real-time battles between potentially massive forces. Usually, the games have taken place at various points in world history, like Napoleonic France, but Total War: Warhammer has now fulfilled the longstanding desire for a fantasy addition to the series. This is niche which others, such as the King Arthur games, have attempted to fill before and the record sales of this latest installment prove that it's a winning formula., and can be well executed by developer Creative Assembly. Critical reception, as shown some by Metacritic, is similarly strong and applauding of Creative Assembly's execution with giving it an 86/100 metascore.

Warhammer, too, is a major name in gaming, on or off the table. Classic Warhammer is a tabletop wargame, and it set the stage for it's grim, dark, futuristic descendant, Warhammer 40K, which has produced many more notable video games than its forebearer. Now, these two great flavors can taste great together, with legions of Orcs getting outflanked by cavalry, all on the biggest battlefields in gaming. The long dreamt of the addition of fantastical units and special Legendary Lord characters add further diversity to your battlefield options, and to the fun of conquering province after province. Little wonder, then, that this fantasy-tactics game is so successful.


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