Total War: Warhammer 3 Champions of Chaos DLC Coming in August

Published: July 19, 2022 2:09 PM /


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Developers at Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive have announced that the Champions of Chaos DLC is on its way to Total War: Warhammer 3 this August 2022. The trailer showcases how thrilling this DLC could be with a boatload of new features, champions, and campaigns. 

Campaign Mechanics Champions of Chaos DLC Total War Warhammer 3

The newest DLC has added many features, including four new Warriors of Chaos Legendary Lords. Each of the Lords will be aligned with one of the four Chaos Gods within the game. The latest champion that is being put directly into the limelight so to speak, is Azazel, the Prince of Damnation. He is skilled in melee and ranged combat, making him a considerable asset to players who wish to tear down foes from near or far. He can fly, allowing players to get a great vantage point to scope out their next battle and swoop in on enemies, giving them little time to react. Azazel also comes with a deflection ability, where players can send oncoming damage back at their attackers. 

Also coming with this DLC are new campaigns and battles. Players will need to create their path to the city of Zanbaijin, which will not be an easy task. Once there, players must take their enemies down to restore order to the fallen city and collect the souls of the fallen along the way. When players win specific battles, they will be rewarded with the souls of their foes, which can be used to purchase power and even reinforcements from demons. The devs also added a stronghold feature; players within the Chaos Wastes and Norscan homelands will be able to construct their own fortress where they gain their respective factions as a vassal. 

Those who purchase the DLC and have already obtained the Chaos Warriors Race Pack released in 2015 will also gain free access to the Old World update. This update provides a complete rework of how the race operates, giving them new gameplay mechanics. A completely separate DLC, Marked Chaos Warriors, will also be available for players to download free alongside the rest of the new content. This separate DLC includes expansions for the ranks of the player's Northern kin, such as the Great Weapons for Nurgle, Hellscourges for Slaanesh, and the Halberds for Tzeentch.

All this new and exciting content will be released on August 23, 2022, and will be available on Steam


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