Toontown Rewritten Gets Its First Major Expansion

Toontown Rewritten, the fan-made revival of Disney's Toontown Online, has released its first major expansion, Cog-Tastrophe in Kaboomberg.

Published: December 2, 2021 8:47 AM /


A Sellbot Field Office as seen in the Cog-Tastrophe in Kaboomberg trailer for Toontown Rewritten

Toontown Rewritten, the fan-made revival of the Disney MMORPG Toontown Online, has gotten its first major expansion. Titled Cog-Tastrophe in Kaboomberg, the expansion adds a new dungeon instance that requires players across multiple servers to team up in order to save Toon HQs.

The history of Toontown Online and its revival has been covered before, but to sum it up, it's an early 2000's MMORPG where players create Toon characters based on anthropomorphic animals and use a variety of classic cartoon gags to battle no-nonsense business robots known as Cogs. The original game had a variety of major content additions, such as Cog HQs that functioned as raid dungeons and a variety of mini-games like kart racing and mini-golf, but this update, which releases today, marks one of Rewritten's first big additions.

In the expansion, Toon HQs (locations outside of hub areas where players can receive and turn in quests) can be taken over by the Cogs and turned into Sellbot Field Offices (Sellbots being one of the four types of Cogs in the game.) The features page for the expansion explains what players can expect from these raid dungeons:

  • Field Offices persist across all districts (the game's name for servers) and require multiple groups of Toons to complete.
  • The Offices are so devoid of humor that some Gags (the various moves players use to fight) don't work, and they have to fight their way to the Annexes to recover stolen Jokes and undo the restrictions. Gags can also be restored by battling souped-up Sellbots in their offices.
  • Mazes with super-sized Mover & Shaker bots that players have to fend off with water balloons.
  • Ice mazes where players have to battle Cold Callers for dominance over the thermostat.
  • The Boiler Room, where players engage in a final showdown against The Boiler in order to bring the Field Office closer to defeat.

You can play Toontown Rewritten for free by visiting its official website.

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