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PlayStation exclusive The Tomorrow Children has launched a worldwide open beta that’s available to download and play now. The online sandbox game is set in an alternate reality in which communist technology has created a dystopian future. The open beta kicked off at 9.00am BST/10.00am CET June 3rd and will continue throughout the weekend until Monday, June 6th 9.00am BST/10.00am CET.


Indie studio Q-Games (Pixel Junk) previously held a closed beta for their quirky sandbox title and now are opening up the beta to all PlayStation players. A view of the latest trailer and screenshots show the unique art style and barren landscape of the Void. There’s even a good look at the giant Kaiju monsters called Izverg.

There’s a lot to learn about this strange new world so if you’re thinking of joining the open beta you might want to read up on some of the mechanics on the Playstation blog or watch this Twitch broadcast with the developers. Work together to build towns and fend off monstrous attackers in this interesting take on an open sandbox game. You’ll start off in the mysterious void where players are protected by stabilizing fields in towns. To get valuable resources players will have to leave the safety of town to explore and harvest materials on surrounding islands a mere bus ride away.

To keep towns going you’ll need to build and operate power generators You’ll also need to visit the Ministry of Labor to get your rations coupons that can then be redeemed at kiosks for useful items. Items like turrets and other weapons can be acquired and you and your fellow comrades will need them to defend your town from attacking Izverg.

The Tomorrow Children
Defend yourself against giant Izverg monsters attacking your town!

Don’t forget, you’re not in this alone. You’ll have to cooperate and rely on fellow comrades in the Void to help build, sustain and defend your town. So find the type of labor you are most well suited to and toil together for the glory of your nation.

The beta client is now available on the PlayStation Store. Just log into the Store on your PlayStation 4, find The Tomorrow Children and get the download started. The worldwide, open beta will continue until Monday, June 6th.

Are you going to try out The Tomorrow Children? What do you think of this trend towards games having open betas to try them out before launch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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