Tom Hanks Hanx101 Trivia Game Released Today Exclusively on Apple Arcade

Published: September 2, 2022 3:23 PM /


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Today, the world will see the very first game created by highly acclaimed actor, producer, and director, Tom Hanks. Hanx101 Trivia is headed exclusively to the Apple Arcade, where you will test your knowledge on various subjects and genres to expand your mind even further than you thought possible.

As most may know, Tom Hanks is a legendary actor in movies such as Joe Versus the Volcano, BIG, and of course Forrest Gump. Today, we learned that he has decided to try his hand at video game creation, and honestly, it is super exciting. Knowing what he is capable of makes one wonder exactly what kind of questions could be in the game, as well as what the process was behind making this trivia game. 


So What is Hanx101 Trivia?

The game features a heft amount of trivia questions within various categories, such as entertainment, geography, history, art, and more all presented with stylized visuals. There are several different game modes to truly test your wits, such as 1v1, 2v2, Daily Challenges, and Tom Hanks' favorite, Hanks101. In the Hanks101 game mode, you will need to complete 101 trivia questions as you complete the various stages on the in-game map. You will also earn extra points for correctly answering multiple questions in a row. 

Hanx101 Trivia, Hanx101 game Mode Map Progress

The idea came from Hanks' love for trivia, and from what we know, this game is for people of all ages to enjoy and test their skills. Each of the questions will be presented in a creative and unique way, as well as the traditional ways including True or False, I Spy, and Word Jams. As it stands now, you will be able to complete 17 categories, 11-chapters, and earn rewards along the way that unlocks more content. 

Hanx101 Trivia is available now on the Apple Arcade, with the $4.99 subscription


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