Titans Launches on the App Store

Published: January 29, 2015 9:15 AM /



Titans is a new mobile card game from Uken Studios.  The game is available to download as of Thursday, Jan. 29th in the App Store.  Titans aims to bring a fresh approach to the card battle game genre with crafting and real-time multiplayer combat.



In Titans play as a Master Alchemist in a fantasy world.  Alchemists are charged with the task of creating powerful armies.  Do this by creating giant golems called Titans made of materials such as stone, ice or dark matter.

It's in the creation of these Titans that the crafting mechanic comes into play.  Integrated into the plot of Titans' story and the core of it's gameplay, there are over 100 unique materials to use in crafting.  Players will build their own unique deck of Titans to battle with.

“When we decided to create Titans, we knew that we wanted to improve on the character progression system in card games today,” said Chris Ye, founder of Uken Studios. “We think we have achieved this by making a hard distinction between Titans and Materials so that it’s easier for players to understand the game and start crafting and enhancing their units right away.”
Titans also has a real-time PVP mode called "War".  Here players can face off against other Alchemists and prove their skill.  The real-time gameplay adds an extra element of strategy and excitement to the game.
“We were tired of seeing the same asynchronous battle systems that a lot of RPG and Card games have,” added Chris. “We hope that War will add an additional layer of excitement and strategy that appeals to hard-core and mid-core fans.”
Titans is free to download from the App Store and is available for iPhone and iPad.  Uken Studios plans on releasing the game for Android in the near future.  Visit the game's website to learn more about Titans.

Will you be giving Titans a try?

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