Titanfall Gets Beefy PC Support

Gaming article by Patrick Webb on Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 13:59
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Nvidia's recent blog indicates Titanfall, one of this years hottest releases, is getting some hefty PC support. The game that mixes parkouring pilots and monstrous mechs, is getting a new collaborative edge with Nvidia. Respawn Entertaintment, the studio behind the game, is working with the graphics moguls to bring cutting edge image quality to PC players.

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One of the features is TXAA (temporal anti-aliasing), a film style anti-aliasing technique that reduces the crawling and flickering seen when games are in motion.  It is the highest quality AA out there and will be partnered with high-quality multi-sampling, post processing, and Nvidia designed filters.

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If that is not enough, HBAO (horizon based ambient occlusion) will provide more life-like shodows. This linked with the TXAA and the soon to be update for 4k high-definition dispalys could make Titanfall, which already looks fantastic on PC, one of the better looking FPS on the market.

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Respawn and Nvidia are also working on an SLI, graphical card update to enable two GPU's (graphical processing units) to work in tandem to increase frames per second.

With all of these updates, and technical jargon aside, the bottom line is making a good-looking game look better is like giving a hot chick a makeover-everyone wins.

If you are a PC player let us know what you think of these updates.

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