Titanfall 2 Deals for PC and Console on Release Day

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Titanfall 2 has now arrived - but several deals are set to run through the wee hours of the morning making pre-order still worth it at this point. PC gamers get discounts, while console types get gift card bonuses. Note that for the Xbox One deals below Microsoft Store, the deal may expire as early as Friday morning - so apology in advance if the deals are no longer valid by the time you're reading.

PC Deals

  • Titanfall 2 (Origin Key) — $48.99 at GMG (list $60)
  • Titanfall 2 (Origin Key) — $48.99 at DLGamer (list $60)
PlayStation 4 Deals Xbox One Deals As you'll see PC gamers are getting an 18% price break at both GMG and DLGamer with an $11 drop from $60 to $48.99. Solid deals from two authorized retailers and not the shady grey market. Both discounts are not set to expire after the game releases, so on Day 1 these will still be valid savings.

Xbox One gamers have the opportunity to buy from the Microsoft Store and catch a $10 bonus gift code. The gift code arrives soon after the game releases and you have the option to buy either a physical disc or go with a digital download code. Going the code route gets you a key instantly via email and you can begin downloading immediately. We should note that the Microsoft Store tends to run its $10 Gift Code offer to about 7AM Pacific the morning after the game releases.

If you're looking to Titanfall 2 on the PlayStation 4 there's always Best Buy, where if you pre-order you'll get $10 in Rewards for My Best Buy members. On top of that there's even a chance to get a 20% discount if you pay for a Gamers Club Unlocked membership ($30 for 2 years) which would knock the Titanfall 2 price down to $47.99.

Go Standard or Deluxe?

If you're thinking about picking up Titanfall 2 and you can't decide whether to go Standard or Deluxe, just think of how hardcore you will likely be. (And if you haven't bought the game yet at this point, you probably aren't a hardcore Titanfall fan). If you played the original Titanfall and enjoyed customizing your outfit and Titans, Deluxe is probably your cup of tea as all the extras you get are centered around customizing your pilot, Titan, and weapons.

Included in the Deluxe Edition are several unique DLC packs. Special camo's for your Titans, warpaints, and nose arts will only be available to Deluxe owners - much like how Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe owners have several Deluxe specific emotes, you will have Deluxe specific aesthetic options. Perhaps the best examples of this are the Ion Prime and Scorch Prime DLC packs you will get in December by order Deluxe, which will give the Ion and Scorch Titans new sound effects and executions.

If you think you can live without the customization extras, go with the Standard Edition. If you think you will regret not getting the Deluxe specific war paints, go with Deluxe (since these aren't likely going to be available as DLC later). It's all a personal preference.

Disclaimer: This deal post is from the crew at Dealzon. Sales at select retailers will help support TechRaptor. Our goal is to list noteworthy game and tech deals from across the web. Feedback? let us know in the comments below!

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