tinyBuild Inc. Joins AIM, raises $49 million Through Its IPO and $474 million on Admission

Published: March 9, 2021 9:59 AM /



tinyBuild is now the largest US company to go public on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market and has been valued at $474 million USD. It currently has 23 projects in development and has recently acquired six studios: We're Five Games, Hungry Couch, Moon Moose, HakJak Studios, Hologryph, and the Hello Neighbor dev team (renamed to Eerie Games Studios). tinyBuild was originally founded as an indie game developer by three people, Alex Nichiporchik, Luke Bortis, and Tom Brien. tinyBuild released their first game, No Time To Explain, in 2013. They then helped publish tinyBuild's "first big hit" in Speedrunners shortly afterward.

Alex Nichiporchik, Chief Executive Officer of tinyBuild, commented:

"Since establishing tinyBuild eight years ago, we have gone on to create one of the most exciting players in our industry, with a quality portfolio of games enjoyed worldwide. Our focus on partnering with developers worldwide to ensure the creation of long-lasting IP which can be developed into multi-game franchises has been integral to our success to date.

"We were delighted by the level of investor appetite we have experienced during the IPO process and we welcome our new shareholders to tinyBuild. We believe that our AIM listing provides the ideal platform for our growth, whilst helping to increase tinyBuild's profile even further."

If you would like a quick TLDR in the form of a cute animation, check out this video that accompanied the announcement: 

There have been more than 40 titles launched since 2013, which include Pathologic 2, Graveyard Keeper, Hello Neighbor, and Party Hard. There are also the aforementioned 23 titles currently in development with several internal studios based out of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lviv, Bose, Amsterdam, Riga, and Seattle. 

Perhaps the biggest out of tinyBuild's games is Hello Neighbor, which has subsequently received several successful spin-offs, a TV show pilot, a book series that's done well for itself, a board game, and other branded projects. The Hello Neighbor 2 public alpha has also been downloaded 4 million times, so there's a lot of people that care about the sequel.

On April 1, 2020, tinyBuild released Totally Reliable Delivery Service on PC, console, and mobile, and has been downloaded over 16 million times. Other games that are coming soon that are "high anticipated" include Cartel Tycoon, Pigeon Simulator, and Potion Craft


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