Overwatch's Echo Abilities Revealed in TimTheTatman Overwatch Stream

Published: March 19, 2020 1:34 PM /


TimTheTatman Overwatch Echo Live Stream cover

A TimTheTatman Overwatch Echo stream has gone live on Twitch, detailing the Hero 32 abilities and showing off what the newest character of the game is capable of.

There are several surprising twists about Echo. I can certainly say that she isn't quite what I expected, and that's far from a bad thing. If you're a fan of fast-moving characters like Tracer and Genji, you'll probably love Hero 32 — especially with her game-changing ultimate ability.


TimeTheTatman Overwatch Echo Live Stream hologram
Echo's "Duplicate" Ultimate allows her to take the form of any hero in the game and use all of their abilities for a short time.

What did the TimTheTatman Overwatch Echo Live Stream Reveal?

TimTheTatman went into some pretty great detail in the first few minutes. Speaking with Overwatch Game Director over voice chat, he quickly went over all of Hero 32's stats and new abilities.

What is Echo's Role in Overwatch?

Much to my surprise, Echo is not a Support hero as some people thought. Instead, the TimTheTatman Overwatch Echo live stream has revealed that Echo is in the Damage Role.

It should be noted, as always, that all of the following information is subject to change depending on how PTR testing goes.

What are Echo's abilities?

  • Primary Fire
    • 3 bullets, slow projectile
    • 17 damage each, 51 damage if all hit
  • Sticky Bomb (Secondary Fire)
    • Launches sticky bombs on a delay
    • Sticky bombs can stick to players
    • Does initial damage and then explodes for AoE damage
    • 6 per volley
    • 5 damage on impact
    • 30 damage on explosion
  • "Focusing Beam"
    • Bound to E
    • Does "crazy amounts of damage" if the target is below half health
    • 20-meter range
    • Lasts 2.5 seconds
    • 50 DPS normally
    • 200 DPS to targets at half-health
    • Works on barriers and ice wall
    • "A great finisher", Jeff Kaplan says
  • Glide
    • Bound to Left Shift
    • Launches the player horizontally (or vertically while holding jump)
    • Gives an initial speed boost and three seconds of directional flight
    • Falls faster than Mercy's gliding, but you move faster horizontally
    • The first iteration of this ability had constant, endless flight
    • Can possibly fly indefinitely like a skilled Pharah player
  • Duplicate (Ultimate Ability)
    • Bound to Q
    • Pick any enemy player and play as them with all of their abilities for 15 seconds
    • Can't duplicate enemy Echo
    • Accelerated Ultimate generation - +650%
    • Echo has her own voice lines for ultimates.
    • "This isn't like the Spy in TF2 — the goal isn't to be stealthy," Jeff Kaplan said.
    • Duplicated heroes are very obvious
    • Ashe's Bob is also holographic
    • When Echo dies in Duplicate mode, she'll revert back to her original form instead of dying

What are Echo's stats?

  • Health
    • HP: 200
    • Shields: 0
    • Armor: 0

Other New Information

  • The PTR is adding the ability to spawn other heroes as a static target,
  • Some kind of feature will be added to allow players to instantly max their Ultimate in the Training Room.
  • "We have multiple tanks and supports in development. We know more tanks and supports are needed and we want to deliver on those, too," Jeff Kaplan says.
  • First new DPS since Blizzcon 2018

And that's it for now! You might be excited to try out Echo on the PTR, and there's good news about that, too — she's live on the PTR right now! You can watch the TimTheTatman Overwatch Echo live stream on twitch.tv/timthetatman right now, or catch the VOD in his videos archive.

What did you think of Echo's abilities? Do you think she will have a major effect on the game? Let us know in the comments below!



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