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Time Warner Cable App Gets Release Date for Xbox Live

August 22, 2013

By: Jason Dulin


Last month Time Warner Cable and Xbox announced a partnership to bring the 2nd largest cable providers channels and content to the Xbox 360 console. We now finally have a release date of August 27th, as well as a feature list to go with it:



  • Up to 300 Channels of live TV
  • Multiple genre filtering and sort options
  • Fast, intuitive navigation: Xbox design with the familiarity of the TWC TV platform
  • Xbox exclusive features including Kinect voice and gesture control



This should come as good news to gamers who already have Time Warner Cable as their cable provider. This also could give people a reason to hang on to their 360 console as it can now be used as a true set-top box, replacing a Time Warner box say, in the bedroom or spare room. We will be reviewing the app shortly after the release next week.