Three Total War Games Get "Definitive Editions", Free To Base Game Owners

Published: November 21, 2018 3:00 PM /


total war definitive editions

Three games in the Total War franchise have received Definitive Editions on Steam, and those who already own the base games will get upgraded for free.

Total War: Empire (previously known as Empire: Total War), Medieval II and Napoleon have all been upgraded on Steam to their respective "Definitive Editions", each of which comes with all DLC previously released for the games. If you have any of these titles on Steam, you'll get the Definitive Editions completely free of charge, regardless of how much DLC you already own (or don't own).

To commemorate the occasion, a "Definitive Edition" trailer has been uploaded to the official Total War YouTube account. You can check out the trailer here:

There isn't much to the video; it's basically just a few shots of the games in action, but it's a nice visual reminder of the bombast and intricacy of the series.

Here's a full rundown of what you're getting if you own the Definitive Editions of these games (which, if you had any of them in your Steam library, you now do):

  • Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition: Warpath Campaign expansion, Elite Units of the East, Elite Units of the West, Special Forces Units, Elite Units of America and bonus content
  • Total War: Napoleon - Definitive Edition: Peninsular Campaign expansion, Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars, Imperial Eagle Pack, Coalition Battle Pack
  • Total War: Medieval II - Definitive Edition: Kingdoms expansion (contains four entirely new campaigns for the game)
All you need to do to receive the content is update the game in your Steam library, or install it afresh if you don't already have it on your system. Obviously, those who don't already own these games will need to buy them to take advantage of the Definitive Editions, but these versions have replaced the original base games in the Steam store, so you won't stand a chance of missing out on the DLC. You can get Empire hereNapoleon here and Medieval II here.

Will you be revisiting these Total War games with the new Definitive Editions? Playing any of them for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!