This War of Mine "The Little Ones" Content Will Be Console-Exclusive... For Now

Published: January 30, 2016 8:30 AM /


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This War of Mine will not be releasing its "The Little Ones" content on PC at this time according to Eurogamer.

The Little Ones is part of the release of This War of Mine on PS4 and Xbox One. A comment on the trailer's YouTube page states that the devs wish to port The Little Ones to PC but is currently "TBD". A quote from senior producer Marek Ziemak elaborates on the reasoning for the lack of a PC release for The Little Ones:

"I can say that we would love to have this content available on PCs one day but for now we're focusing on developing modding tools for PC and supporting the console builds." 

"I'm afraid we're too small to do everything at once and time will show what we will focus on next."

Judging by these quotes it's reasonable to say that the (apparently) timed console exclusivity of The Little Ones is purely a matter of staffing and time limitations.

The Little Ones adds children to This War of Mine. Players previously only had to concern themselves with adults and their needs. Players will be able to craft toys to keep children occupied. Players can also take time to play with the children, but this will take away from valuable time that can otherwise be spent crafting or scavenging for materials.

In addition to the new mechanics, the inclusion of children will add new narrative elements to the game. While This War of Mine always had the player face the challenging moral and practical dilemmas of surviving as a civilian in a war zone, it may be more difficult for them to have to explain such things to children.

What do you think of 11 bit studios' stance on prioritizing development of modding support for This War of Mine on PC over porting this new content? Would you rather the new content first or the modding support first? Let us know in the comments below!

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