This Is The Police Spinoff Rebel Cops Hits PC And Consoles September 17th

Published: September 6, 2019 1:45 PM /


rebel cops

Hankering for more from the This Is The Police universe? You're in luck. THQ Nordic and Weappy have announced a tactical strategy spinoff titled Rebel Cops. It's coming to PC and consoles on September 17th.

Rebel Cops takes place in the town of Ripton. Crime overlord Viktor Zuev has taken the place over, so it's up to you and your squad of rebel cops to take him down. You've gone rogue, so you don't have the support of your precinct or your colleagues. Along the way, you'll have to make difficult moral decisions (it wouldn't be a This Is The Police game without them). You can check out the trailer for Rebel Cops below:

Rebel Cops features tactical turn-based stealth gameplay. You'll need to sneak up on enemies and take them down before they raise alarms. Your squad is constantly outgunned, so you must rely on stealth rather than face-to-face engagements. Rather unusually, your units don't have hit points; instead, once one of your officers is shot, they'll start to bleed out. You'll need to send other units to help them, potentially risking another life.

Structurally, Rebel Cops won't be too dissimilar to This Is The Police. You'll have the opportunity to pursue side missions to build your street cred in Ripton. There will also be rewards for exploring each of the game's levels thoroughly. Weappy and THQ Nordic haven't said much about what those rewards might be, so you'll just have to grab the game and get exploring if you want to find out.

Rebel Cops launches for PC (via Steam and GOG), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 17th. It'll cost you $9.99. Weappy and THQ Nordic are promising around 15 hours of gameplay for that price, which is pretty solid.

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