This Adorable Final Fantasy XIV Fan Movie Sheds Light on the Indefatigable Retainers

Published: September 10, 2023 11:43 AM /


Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Fan Movie - Miqo'te Says it's a Secret

Have you ever wondered how retainers perform Ventures in Final Fantasy XIV? An absolutely adorable short movie released today shows exactly that. 

The video, simply titled "Retainer" comes from the machinima group Toi Toi Pictures, posted by Zaneponku and it's both hilarious and really, really well done. 

It tells the story of a newbie retailer sent on her first Quick Exploration venture.

Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Fan Movie - They wait for the Result

While the fiction behind it may not be exactly official, it certainly is entertaining, which is all that matters. After all, it's never really explained in the game iteself.

Some veteran Final Fantasy XIV fans may not be surprised by the quality, as Toi Toi Pictures has already delivered some masterpieces in the past, including Play Eorzea, Tomorrows, and /emote. If you haven't watched them before, do yourself a favor and do so, because they're all awesome. 

That being said, you can watch Retainer below. While the text is in Japanese, you can activate subtitles in English, French, or Korean to suit your needs.

If you're not familiar with retainers, they're NPCs you can hire in Final Fantasy XIV. They can sell your items on the market boards, work as additional inventory space, and go on ventures to passively bring back items.

Quick Exploration ventures are known as one of the most profitable ways to use them, especially if you have a few, as they can bring back rather pricey items that can be sold at a neat profit. 

Final Fantasy XIV is currently out for PC, PS5, and PS4, while an Xbox Series X|S version has been announced a few weeks ago and will begin its open beta relatively soon with a release window in spring 2024.

Players taking part to the open beta will be able to play on the live servers with everyone else as it happened a while ago with the PS5 versions, so it can be considered as something akin to a soft release.

The Dawntrail expansion has also recently been revealed and will launch in Summer 2024. We already have many details and plenty of screenshots for your perusal.

While yoiu wait to hear more about the expansion, Square Enix also shared plenty of information about the upcoming update, numbered 6.5.


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