They Are Billions Tactical Missions and Heroes Detailed

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they are billions heroes and tactics missions

They Are Billions developer and publisher Numantian Games have released a dev diary detailing the game’s upcoming campaign. The dev diary was posted to the developer’s Steam page, and also discusses the campaign's missions and heroes.

The campaign will have 48 missions in total. 23 will be about base-building, 15 will be combat-focused, and 10 will be tactical missions. According to Numantian, the campaign can take between 60 to 80 hours to complete, much longer than originally anticipated. In order to “finish” the campaign, only the 23 base-building missions must be completed.

“It is a long campaign but also very diverse, the tactical missions will specially bring a very different touch to the game. Testers’ recurring comment is that we could have created a completely new game just with them. We hope they’ll enrich the gameplay experience and will also help bring lore to the story behind They Are Billions. Something that testers also appreciate is that in these missions you can finally enjoy the graphics and animations of the zombies up close, compared to the zoomed out way you normally play in the colony mode.”
At the start of a campaign, the player will choose between a pair of heroes with different play styles. This choice is permanent for the campaign's duration. These heroes are only used during tactical missions, and if they die the player will fail the mission. The heroes can level up and pick perks from unique perk trees.

they are billions heroes

The tactical missions will revolve around recovering technological artifacts from old ruins. They will take place in ten different locations including a prison and a power plant.

“While exploring the fort you will find valuable objects that will grant you research points (scientific material...) to progress in the technology improvements tree, and empire points (books, old paintings, statues...) that will please the New Empire and provide you with greater influence over the Imperial Army.”

Throughout tactical missions, the player can find items such as grenades and medkits. The tactical missions will also provide clues to the history of They Are Billions’ world.

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