These Destroy All Humans! Collector's Editions Will Destroy All Wallets

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THQ Nordic announced not one, but two collector's editions for the upcoming HD remake of Destroy All Humans! They're going to cost a pretty penny, but the contents are quite sizable.

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The least expensive collector's edition for Destroy All Humans! is the DNA Collector's Edition. This retails for $149.99. At the forefront of this bundle is the game itself and a 9 inch high statue featuring Crypto, his UFO, and a cow. The rest of the contents include a keychain with Crypto's head, 6 lithograph art pieces, a stress toy, a collector's edition box, and in-game skins for our alien protagonist.

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The most expensive collector's edition is called the Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition. It runs for a whopping $399.99, but features some gargantuan goodies. This version features everything included in the previous edition, excluding the Crypto and cow figurine. Instead, it comes with a giant 2-foot tall statue of Crypto, and a backpack of the alien, in a position as though you're giving him a piggyback ride.

Destroy All Humans! is the upcoming remake of the first game in the series. It has completely overhauled graphics and also features new gameplay elements such as using multiple powers at once. The voiceover from the original game remains to stay faithful to the first game. It also features a location that lingered in the original's game files but never made it to the final release. Called Area 42, players can explore this location for the first time.

At E3, we got a look at Destroy All Humans! and it received a TechRaptor "Best of E3" nomination, so we encourage you to check it out. Destroy All Humans! releases next year for $40.



Quick Take

Alright, I'm impressed with these collector's editions. Although I can't fathom spending $400 on anything nowadays, at least they offer a good amount of physical collectibles for the price. It's not often you see a game's collector's edition offer a 2 foot tall statue, and that backpack is really cool. I just hope the materials of the statue and the rest of the content are enough to justify the price.

Do you like these collector's editions? Are you going to get one? Let us know in the comments below!

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