There Will Be No Far Cry 6 Map Editor Or Arcade Mode

Published: June 2, 2021 9:55 AM /


Anton and Diego Castillo in Far Cry 6

Bad news for fans of the Far Cry series' custom level creation kit: there will be no Far Cry 6 map editor. In an AMA on Reddit, the devs confirmed that the game would not feature either a map editor or the Arcade mode from Far Cry 5.

Why is there no Far Cry 6 map editor?

During the aforementioned AMA, a user asked Ubisoft if the map editor would be making a return in Far Cry 6. In response, director Alexandre Letendre confirmed this wouldn't be happening. Letendre says removing the map editor was a "difficult decision", but that it allowed the team to focus efforts on the main story campaign. This will mark the first time there hasn't been a map editor in a mainline Far Cry game since Far Cry 2 back in 2009.

The player approaches a ramshackle village in Far Cry 6
You'll have to make do without a Far Cry 6 map editor, marking the first time in 10 years a main series instalment hasn't had one.

The map editor feature first made its debut in Far Cry 2, where you could use it to create custom multiplayer maps. It returned in Far Cry 3 and 4, but was only available for single-player and co-op maps in the latter. In Far Cry 5, the map editor was an integral part of the "Arcade" experience. In Arcade, players could create and share custom maps built from assets not only from Far Cry but also from other Ubisoft titles like Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed. It'll be a shame to see this feature go, but we're sure modders will pick up Ubisoft's slack.

What else did we learn from the Far Cry 6 AMA?

There are plenty more juicy details in the AMA for fans of Far Cry. Ubisoft confirmed that a number of classic Far Cry features will be returning, including the wingsuit and the grappling hook, as well as full co-op support for the main story campaign. The game will feature DualSense enhancements on PS5, although Ubisoft is remaining tight-lipped about what they actually are. Ubisoft also confirmed there is a full roadmap in place for DLC, with details to come later down the line. Far Cry New Dawn's weapon tier system won't be returning, and nor will series legend Hurk. Perhaps most encouragingly, the devs say they're putting "a huge amount of effort" into avoiding a Cyberpunk 2077-like situation on PS4 and Xbox One, so the game will run "smoothly" on those platforms.

Far Cry 6 is due to launch for PlayStation platforms, Xbox consoles, PC, and the streaming services Amazon Luna and Google Stadia on October 7th this year. We'll bring you more on new features as soon as we get it.

Are you sad to see the removal of the map editor from Far Cry 6? Let us know in the comments below!


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