Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest Announced

Published: December 10, 2014 1:01 AM /



The next title for both the Dragon Quest and Theatrhythm series has been announced; and it's Dragon Quest's turn to tap, swipe, and slide it to the rhythm!

Although the only two Theatrhythm games up to this point featured Final Fantasy tunes and characters; in retrospect, we should've seen this one coming. A while back, Square-Enix confirmed that the Theatrhythm series wasn't just limited to Final Fantasy tunes, and with Theatrhythm: Curtain Call containing such a gargantuan selection of music to play through - if the series was to continue, it was destined to head to some other Square-Enix franchise eventually. In that sense, Dragon Quest (with its equally large repertoire of memorable music) was simply the next logical step that the series could take, excluding, say, Kingdom Hearts.

Regardless; it seems that Square-Enix is definitely more than willing to support their new franchise on this one. Personally, I loved both of the Final Fantasy offerings - and although chances are about as flighty as a Metal Slime that we'll end up getting this title over here in the west - it's good to see that the series (Theatrhythm, in this case) hasn't been abandoned! I've always been a great fan of good videogame music, and in my opinion - the more praises sung to some of gaming's greatest tunes, the better! Needless to say, I hope that I can have a chance to play this title in the west...

For now, the only information available is the previously linked teaser site; though if I were to hazard a guess, stuff like screens or a trailer is supposed to come soon, if the date on the page indicates anything! It's looking like the release date for the game in Japan is March 26th as well; so in other words, the game is probably close to being completed.

Are you hopeful that this title will find its way overseas? If so; what are your hopes for the track-list?


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