The Thing inspired survival horror game Buried In Ice announced

Published: January 18, 2021 11:59 AM /


Buried In Ice

Buried In Ice is a survival horror first-person title with RPG elements set in Antarctica and is heavily inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. Check out the blurb below:

Welcome to the silent, snowy desert of Antarctica. You are the sole survivor of the US base here. Left alone, accused of destroying the facility and killing all the crew, and unarmed against a threat that’s larger than humankind. You are now the first last line of defense for all humanity. Left all alone in this frozen, immense land, no one will hear you scream.

Players start the game having escaped from a burning base and imprisoned by people that they don't understand. The player is treated as a criminal and is exhausted and defenseless. Players are tasked to survive no matter the cost. To do so, they'll have to stick together and stay safe. If you find yourself alone for too long, you'll die and your story will end.


The harsh environment can also kill the player, as the hunger, cold, stress, and contamination can kill the player just as easily as The Thing. Players will also get choices such as deciding whether to kill, steal, help, run away, or destroy. The player decides how the game ends.

Players are supposed to use teamwork, but who can they really trust? Who is human and who is not? Players are on a time limit of sorts where they have to escape/kill the creatures. If they are the last alive then they are not human anymore. 

If you are interested in Buried In Ice, be sure to check it out on Steam and on Facebook. For more information on this survival horror title, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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