TGA 2017 - In The Valley of Gods Announced

Published: December 7, 2017 10:18 PM /


In the Valley of Gods Header

The Game Awards are here and bring with it a whole bunch of announcements. From the creators of Firewatch, Campo Santo, In The Valley of Gods was announced.

The trailer took place in Egypt as a woman made her way into a Pyramid, exploring. She and her companion stay the evening, or early morning, to set up the perfect shot for their camera outside of the pyramid.

Firewatch was a narrative-heavy adventure game whith a big focus on the dialogue between the two main characters. Valley of Gods seems to carry with it a similar artstyle as Firewatch. There's no info yet on if Valley of Gods will be a similar type of game, so we'll have to wait and see.

After publishing, we did see that the Steam store page for In The Valley of Gods was up, which confirms that this is a singleplayer action adventure game. It will be set in a an ancient valley in Egypt and players will be seeking out treasure and and treachery for fame and fortune. From the store page description:

a sprawling narrative experience in remote, 1920's Egypt. You are Rashida, a disgraced former explorer and filmmaker given one last shot at the adventurous life you desperately miss. Somewhere, beyond the endless miles of dunes, ruins, and tombs lies an incredible archaeological discovery—but it can't be found without the help of Zora, the former partner you vowed never to work with again.
Currently, In the Valley of Gods does not yet have a release date.

What did  you think of Valley of Gods? Are you excited for it?


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