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Published: December 7, 2017 11:31 PM /


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A massive announcement from Nintendo at The Game Awards 2017 dropped mid-way through the show, showcasing the popular Platinum Games series Bayonetta.

First up was the announcement of the Nintendo Switch port of Bayonetta 2, with Bayonetta included in the package. The popular Wii U game will be the latest port over to the Switch, which includes a few other enhanced ports of Wii U titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The games will be released on the Switch on February 16th, 2018.

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Reggie Fils-Aime then takes the stage with Geoff Keighley after the quick reveal trailer to discuss the titles. Both titles were games Nintendo wanted to bring to the Switch due to their critical acclaim and passionate fanbase, and Fils-Aime touts the portability of Bayonetta 2 as being a major feature for the game on the system.

Before he leaves the stage though, Fils-Aime drops one more exclusive trailer, a cinematic trailer showcasing Bayonetta 3. The trailers shows Bayonetta being shot and actually defeated after a brief battle with an unknown assailant, made of pure energy that destroyed her bullets and seemingly ripped her from reality. Bayonetta then disappearing in a flash and leaving only her iconic guns and boots behind. The trailer ends with a jagged 3 fracturing her iconic Umbra Witch symbol.

Bayonetta 3 will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but no release date was given for the game at this time. It is clear though Nintendo is hoping to keep Bayonetta as a major franchise for the Nintendo switch, giving the system a pair of good third party exclusives.

What are your thoughts on Bayonetta 3? How about Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the Switch? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our Game Awards 2017 coverage. 

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