The Tetris Movie Being Rated R Is Ridiculous

Apparently, even the licensing process of Tetris was as blood-boiling as not getting the "I" piece, because the Tetris movie has been rated R for profanity.

Published: December 14, 2022 3:41 PM /


Tetris image screenshot from google play store

In an interesting and absolutely ridiculous turn of events, the Tetris movie has been rated R for the use of profane language, and honestly, this one gave us a good giggle. 

From what we know about the Tetris movie, Alexey Pajitnov was a Russian Software Engineer and developer of the game back in 1984. Due to living under the Soviet Union's rule, the process of licensing the game overseas became an extremely difficult task, since it was an international transaction to bring it to the West. This causes a huge uproar and a legal battle over who had the rights to the game as well as who would take ownership of the game. Mind you, this all took place during the end of the Cold War, meaning that tensions within the countries are already high as can be. It featured Nintendo, media mogul Richard Maxwell, Atari, and at one point Soviet leader Gorbachov was even involved in the contentious affair.

Apparently, the tensions were higher than anyone would have ever expected since the game has been rated R for the use of profanity. I can already picture the owner of Nintendo of America screaming across the room in court, using nothing but f-bombs as they claim the game is their own, but we don't yet know exactly what kind of language or scenes caused the movie to be rated R. Either way, this has to be one of the most ridiculous reasons for a movie to be rated R. Honestly, one might think the "L" shaped piece might have shown too much leg during the demo of the game, but I guess that wasn't the reason whatsoever. 

The movie finished being filmed back in March 2021, and since then there really has not been any news or updates on the standing of the film until this rating came to light. We're expecting to see this film released in 2023,  and it will be on AppleTV.

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