Tetris Effect Reveals 10 New Modes, Demo Ahead of Release

Published: October 30, 2018 9:27 AM /


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Developer Enhance, Inc. has revealed 10 additional modes and an upcoming demo for the positively psychedelic Tetris Effect. The demo is set to launch this Thursday, November 1st and will run through Monday, November 5th. Tetris Effect's demo is a limited-time offer and thus requires an internet connection, even though the full game does not. Included are three story stages, as well as Marathon Mode and Mystery Mode. Tetris Effect's demo will also support both 2D and PSVR modes, as well as 4K resolution and HDR on the PS4 Pro. Tetris Effect is set to launch for the PS4 on November 9th.


With the announcement of the demo comes some new information about the post-launch support coming to Tetris Effect. Titled the "Weekend Rituals," starting this weekend, players can check out a special mode to earn points as part of a community goal. If the community manages to hit the goal, a special in-game avatar will be awarded to all participants in the event. A Weekend Ritual will run every weekend after Tetris Effect hits full release, which is going to spotlight different modes.

Enhance has also arranged the different Effect Modes according to the "effect the player is meant to come away with[.]" In addition to the aforementioned story mode, the other Effect Modes and associated categories are as follows:

  • Classic modes
    • Marathon: Get the highest score with a 150-line limit
    • Ultra: Get the highest score within three minutes
    • Sprint: Clear 40 lines as fast as you can
    • Master: "Insanely fast Tetris. Not for the faint of heart."
  • Chill modes
    • Chill Marathon: No game overs in this mode, tetronimos that reach the top of the screen are simply removed
    • Quick Play: Play through any stage with no Game Over
    • Playlist Mode -- Sea/Wind/World: Play through four themed stages with specifically designed ambient music
  • Focus modes
    • All Clear: Get as many All Clears as you can before time runs out, each All Clear adds more time to the clock
    • Combo: Earn as many Combos as you can before time runs out, with each Combo returning time
    • Target: Remove as many Target Blocks as you can, with each removed target adding time
  • Adventurous
    • Countdown: line up falling I-tetronimos to clear lines and build score
    • Purify: Clear as many Dark Blocks as you can within three minutes by clearing lines, building combos and more
    • Mystery: Marathon with random effects periodically added
Out of all the modes listed here, the apparent lack of an "Endurance" mode as seen in Puyo Puyo Tetris or any number of Tetris games is surprising. The Chill Marathon could arguably be described as an Endless mode, but with the fail state removed, there's little difficulty to be found. Still, the wide array of game modes on offer is bound to keep players coming back, especially with the weekend events. We'll be able to check out Tetris Effect's wide array of modes and visuals when it launches for PS4 on November 9th.

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