Terrifying Anti-Smoking Game "One Leaves" Free On Xbox One


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Terrifying Anti-Smoking Game "One Leaves" Free On Xbox One

March 24, 2019

By: William Worrall


The advertising agency behind the "bully-hunters" campaign, FCB, has partnered with the FDA to bring the dangers of smoking to life for teenagers. As part of their "The Real Cost" anti-youth tobacco program, FCB has created a free-to-play Xbox One horror game called One Leaves, which puts players into a huge maze with three other people. As the title suggests, only one of the four characters can leave the maze, with the other three becoming trapped for life. The game's mechanics are based on the shocking statistic that 3 out of 4 teenagers who start smoking will carry the addiction into much of their adult life.

To help make the game stand out, FCB also hired Darren Aronofsky, famed director of Black Swan, to produce a short teaser trailer for the project. The trailer is made to look like it's a trailer for a found footage film and follows real-life teenagers as they must escape from a maze populated by their future selves if they start smoking. The trailer does also feature footage of the game, showing it to be a first-person horror game where players must escape a maze-like twist of corridors and ventilation shafts. 

"The Real Cost" campaign that the game is part of has been going since 2014 and has already successfully prevented more than 300,000 teenagers from taking up smoking, in turn saving the U.S. an estimated $31 billion in future medical costs. FCB is hoping that the game will make the threat of future addiction and numerous health problems teenage smokers face more immediate and help to increase the number of teenagers who never pick up the habit in the first place.

One Leaves is available now from the Microsoft Store for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in North America only. You can check out the trailer down below.



What do you think about One Leaves? Will you try the game and encourage teenagers you know to do the same? Join in the conversation in the comments down below.

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