Terraria Don't Starve Crossover Teased by Klei & Re-Logic

Klei and Re-Logic have surprised fans by teasing some kind of mysterious Terraria Don't Starve crossover coming to both games.

Published: October 21, 2021 3:26 PM /


Terraria Don't Starve Crossover Halloween cover

Klei and Re-Logic have a surprise for fans this Halloween -- a Terraria Don't Starve crossover is in the works, and each game will apparently be bringing something special to the other.

Terraria is a Metroidvania that is pretty darn popular; even today, it comfortably sits as the #21 most-played game on Steam more than a decade after it was first launched. That probably has a lot to do with the constant release of new content and the recent addition of Steam Workshop earlier this year.

As for Don't Starve, this survival game challenges players to stay alive in a Tim Burton-esque world filled with creepy creatures. That game, too, has a fair amount of popularity; its multiplayer spinoff Don't Starve Together currently sits at #51 on Steam 250's list of most-played games. As with Terraria, it has also released quite a few updates and revealed an ambitious roadmap for the year back in February 2021.

Both of these games are indie darlings that share similar themes (at least in some places). That's probably why Klei and Re-Logic are teaming up for a Terraria Don't Starve crossover -- and both games are getting some new content.

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What is the Terraria Don't Starve Crossover?

The Terraria Don't Starve crossover was teased by Re-Logic earlier today. Re-Logic had previously launched the Journey's Actual End update for Terraria late last year and declared that it was definitely done with making more content. Apparently, that's not exactly the case (to the surprise of pretty much no one who has been following Terraria for a while).

The teaser for the Terraria Don't Starve crossover is fairly light on details; it shows what appears to be the Eye of Cthulu making an appearance in Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer version of the game. The Steam Community news post also notes that Re-Logic is working on optimizing the game for the Steam Deck.

On the Don't Starve side of the equation, Klei posted an animated gif that appears to show a Deerclops walking across the screen in Terraria. Presumably, this means that the Deerclops will be added to Terraria, probably as a boss. Klei also had a bit more to reveal beyond that -- it's time to get ready to experience Don't Starve Together's Hallowed Nights event once again.

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Also Arriving: Don't Starve Hallowed Night Event Returns

The Don't Starve Together Hallowed Nights event will be making a return once again. The event will largely remain the same as last year's, although Klei did take the time to add some new pieces of candy.

Hallowed Nights aside, Klei has also launched a quality-of-life update today. This update allows server admins and local host to pause the game. It also enables chat history, profanity filtering, and a few other quality of life and gameplay changes; you can read about everything in today's announcement.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know when the Terraria Don't Starve crossover will actually go live; if we're lucky, we may get to experience this new content before Halloween. For now, you can buy Terraria or buy Don't Starve Together via their respective websites.

What do you think of the Terraria Don't Starve crossover/ What other games would be great for crossovers with these titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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