Terramon is a Terraria Pokemon Mod Coming This Summer

Published: April 4, 2022 1:56 PM /


Terraria Pokemon Mod Terramon cover

Fans of Terraria and Pokemon alike will have something cool to look forward to this summer: Terramon, a Terraria Pokemon mod that brings the adorable critters (and a new battle mechanic) into the game on PC.

Terraria has seen a bit of a resurgence lately, owing in part to its cool crossover with Don't Starve Together and the Labor of Love update, the latter of which was announced earlier this year. While Terraria 2 isn't arriving anytime soon, modders are hard at work creating new content -- and a new mod has the ambitious goal of bringing the world of Pokemon into Terraria.


What We Know About the Terraria Pokemon Mod Terramon

As PCGamesN reports, the Terraria Pokemon mod was revealed very early on Saturday morning. Terramon makes use of the game's ability to summon NPCs and Pets -- and it takes things a step further by aiming to add a battle system.

The above video from the Reddit submission shows off an early version of the mod. Don't expect to be able to gun down Pikachu with your Minishark, though -- the Pokemon will be treated as non-hostile NPCs outside of a new battle system. Some development details and design decisions are still working out, but the devs expect to launch a more robust version of the mod this summer.


That said, there's the big bugbear in the room -- Nintendo is not a fan of mods involving its IP and it's up in the air whether or not this will stick around. If this seems like your kind of jam, you can download an early version of the Terramon mod (and its expansion) on the mod's official Discord. You'll need a copy of Terraria to play it, though -- you can buy Terraria for PC via Steam for just $9.99 or your regional equivalent.



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