Terra Invicta Kickstarter Unites Humanity to Fight Aliens

Published: September 29, 2020 12:58 PM /


Terra Invicta Kickstarter cover

The Terra Invicta Kickstarter has been revealed by Pavonis Interactive, the creators of The Long War mods for XCOM and XCOM 2.

Terra Invicta poses a question: what if hostile aliens attempted to invade Earth today? Our world has numerous alliances, different forms of government, and wildly varied economic realities, and banding together to fight off an invasion is sure to provide a challenge.

Check out the Terra Invicta Gameplay Trailer to see all of the cool challenges that players will have to face!

Pavonis Interactive has created a much different game than what we've seen in The Long War mods, although there are some thematic similarities nonetheless. Terra Invicta is less about controlling individual soldiers and more about controlling your assets in outer space, including space stations and space ships.

The space ships, in particular, are one of the most interesting parts of the game. Players will decide on individual components for each ship and then send them out to patrol space. These ships can be carefully maneuvered to secure an ideal position in battle — a mechanic that will surely be important for the survival of humanity.

Of course, you can't build ships without resources. The Terra Invicta Kickstarter notes that industry and exploration will be a big part of the game as well — and you'll have to make it happen while dealing with the political realities of the modern world.

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Pledge to the Terra Invicta Kickstarter and Get the Game in 2021

The Terra Invicta Kickstarter campaign is now live, giving you an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with this new grand strategy game. It's expected to launch in less than a year, so you won't have to wait too long to play it, either!

Pledging $25 will secure you a digital copy of the game and your name in the credits. Upgrade that pledge to $40 and you'll score some neat digital goodies like a digital artbook, a soundtrack, and wallpapers. If you'd like to get into the beta, you can do that with a $65 pledge.

From here, the Terra Invicta Kickstarter pledges get a little more premium. For $100, you'll be able to name an in-game hab site along with the game and its digital goodies. At $250, you won't get to name anything — but you will get to participate in the alpha in December 2020. $350 combines these two levels, allowing you to design a unique in-game organization, and a $500 pledge will let you create a recruitable character in the game. Finally, a $2,500 pledge will net you 10 copies of the game, the ability to name a hab and an in-game organization, your own custom character, an Associate Producer credit, and the opportunity to have a private meeting with the game's creative team to pitch your thoughts and ideas about the title.

Do keep in mind, customized rewards are likely subject to Pavonis Interactive's approval. That said, even the base game looks like it will be an interesting grand strategy experience — consider pledging to the Terra Invicta Kickstarter while you can! You have until Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 5:00 PM EDT before the campaign ends for good.

What do you think of Terra Invicta? Do you think humanity could fend off an alien invasion today? Let us know in the comments below!

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