Tencent YAGER Investment Will 'Strengthen The Company's Development'

Published: February 10, 2020 2:44 PM /


Tencent YAGER

A Tencent YAGER investment has been announced, giving a financial boost to the developer of The Cycle as they transition into self-publishing.

If you're unfamiliar with YAGER, they're a game development studio based in Berlin. They're probably best known for their work on the stunning first-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line, although that's far from the only title they've released. Since that game made a splash, they've launched the spaceship game Dreadnought and the free-to-play first-person shooter The Cycle.

The Cycle seems to have flown under the radar a bit. This game combines battle royale mechanics with a first-person shooter role-playing game: players have 20 minutes to complete as many contracts as they can before deadly radiation floods the planet. It's certainly an interesting mashup of genres, and it's only going to get better now that the Tencent YAGER investment has been announced in a press release.

Tencent Yager investment The Cycle FPS

How Will the Tencent YAGER Investment Be Used?

How will Yager be making use of this cash injection? As the press release states, they've already moved into self-publishing and they'll be working on bringing some new games to fruition, too.

"Tencent is not only the world’s leading games company but also a prolific investor with a stellar track record. We’re humbled to join the line-up of Tencent partners, which reads like a games industry Who’s Who," said YAGER's CEO Timo Ullmann. "We’re confident that this will greatly enhance the scope of our business, not just by getting access to Tencent’s network and resources, but by tapping the vast industry know-how Tencent possesses."

Tencent has made a "strategic minority investment" in the German game developer, although the press release doesn't specify the nature of the deal or how much equity Tencent has acquired. Since it's stated to be a "minority" investment, that means that the Chinese gaming conglomerate naturally owns 49% of the company or less.

We can't say for sure what the future holds for YAGER, but you can play their latest game The Cycle for free right now on the Epic Games Store.

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What do you think of Tencent investing in YAGER? What sort of game do you think they'll come up with next? Let us know in the comments below!


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