Tencent And Riot Games To Bring Teamfight Tactics To China

Published: July 13, 2021 9:30 AM /


Several Teamfight Tactics champions and the Featherknight mascot

Teamfight Tactics developer Riot Games is working alongside its parent company Tencent to bring a version of the game to the Chinese mobile market. This version has already been approved by Chinese gaming regulators and will be more of a spinoff than a direct conversion.

What do we know about the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics?

This news comes to us from prominent Asia gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad. Speaking via Twitter, Ahmad confirmed the existence of the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics. The Chinese version's name translates roughly to Battle of the Golden Spatula, which is a reference to an item within the game that allows champions to change their class. It'll be co-developed by Tencent's in-house NExT Studios and will contain content exclusive to the Chinese version, but will remain pretty close to the auto-battler chess gameplay that defines TFT.


The Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics in development by Riot Games, Tencent, and NExT Studios
The upcoming Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics will retain the auto-battler gameplay, but will introduce unique content as well.

It's not a surprise that Teamfight Tactics is on its way to China. As Ahmad points out, the global release for the game was one of the top 20 most streamed games on Chinese streaming sites in June. In addition, League of Legends is perennially popular in China, so bringing its auto-battler spin-off to that market makes a lot of sense as well. It remains to be seen exactly what will change in the Chinese version, though.

Is this version of Teamfight Tactics coming to the West?

Ahmad seems pretty certain that Battle of the Golden Spatula will not be making its way West. He says he's confident that the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics will be exclusive to that market, even though it will contain unique elements. With that said, it looks pretty much identical to the original Teamfight Tactics set released way back in 2019, so it's not likely Western markets are missing out too much without this one. After all, you can already get Teamfight Tactics on mobile in the West.

We'll bring you more on this Chinese version of TFT as soon as we get it. In the meantime, if you want to, you can check out the official website for the game right here. It's entirely in Chinese, but the machine translation we used rather amusingly rendered the game's title as Battle of the Golden Shovel. Sadly, there are no golden shovels in sight, but plenty of golden spatulas. Stay tuned.


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